Lackeby Products develops and manufactures high quality products for mechanical particle separation. Our range of drum screens, classifiers and decanters are state-of-the-art and designed to reliably mechanically separate particles from liquids. We specialise in the first stage of the cleaning process. The robust designs and unique technical solutions ensure that sludge and particles are effectively and cost efficiently separated. Further down the cleaning process, valuable and sensitive membrane equipment is effectively protected from abrasive particles. The result? Greatly improved water quality.

Lackeby Products designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of products for treatment of wastewater, drinking water and process water,
as well as the treatment of sludge. Long experience, a high level of know-how,
3D-design and manufacturing in our own workshops are all key factors that
assure high quality in the products we supply.

The products are aimed at both industrial and municipal operations and we have both the resources and know-how to customise every delivery to the unique conditions that exist at each customer’s site. We start with the customer’s operation and the conditions it creates for the treatment process. According to these, we adapt our successful designs in order to achieve optimum results
in each installation.

Both our product range and our capability to provide customisation is based on the long-established expertise of the Lackeby Water Group in the design, service and construction of treatment plants, experience that stretches back to the formation of the company in 1935. Know-how has been enhanced over the years, not least through decades of contracting operations worldwide.
The products are developed continuously and in close cooperation with customers, contractors and other business partners. We also continually develop our product range according to new requirements and situations, such as those resulting from new environmental legislation.

Roto-Sieve ® Drum Screens

Our Roto-Sieve ® drum screen is principally built up of a rotating perforated drum with an internally mounted screw that transports the separated solids out of the drum. The drum screens come in five different sizes to allow for different flow requirements. The capacity depends on drum dimension, drum speed, hole size, flow speed, degree of pollution and type of polluting agent. Approximately
4 000 custom designed drum screens are installed at industrial plants and public works throughout
the world.

Unique heat exchangers

Lackeby Products offers an entire range of heat exchangers developed for the special requirements set for the treatment of sludge and similar media. The heat exchangers combine new thinking and 40 years of experience in compact designs with minimal maintenance needs. Since the 1990s, our heat exchangers have been installed at municipal and industrial plants worldwide.


Classifiers from Lackeby Products are designed to separate sand and other types of sedimentary particles. The robust, stainless steel classifiers are built for maximised dewatering and minimised maintenance. More than 100 classifiers are installed at industrial and municipal plants.</>

NovaTek TM Biorotor


Lackeby Products NovaTek TM Lackeby Products NovaTek™ RBC is designed for treatment of waste water from municipal and industrial sewage works. The design is based on more than 20 years of experience from deliveries to plants worldwide.
NovaTek TM Biorotor is as capable as other equipment for biological processes, but needs less space. A LCC-analysis also shows that it is a attractive solution compared to alternative systems.


Virtually maintenance free, the decanters from Lackeby Products are designed to float in waste water settlement tanks. Cleaner top water flows into the decanter through evenly distributed holes, just below the surface, and is then discharged to the next phase of the treatment cycle. This unique solution is based on gravity and pressure differentials, eliminating the need for traditional pumps and valves. Decanters from Lackeby Products are installed in a wide variety of industrial and municipal water treatment plants.

Almost everything that humans do create a lot of waste. The task of our products are clean so as much as possible can be reused.

Waste water treatment

The entire Lackeby Products product portfolio can be effectively used in waste water treatment plants. Depending on the content and volume of the waste, we help optimise complete solutions to cost efficiently and reliably improve water quality. Don’t forget that we also offer total service and maintenance packages to ensure high quality operation.

Industrial process water treatment

For many process industries good water quality is a key production factor. Interestingly it is possible for process water to be cleaned and reused over and over again. These closed-loop systems are very cost effective long term solutions. Please contact Lackeby Products for custom designed water treatment products that will help your sustainability credentials.

Industrial liquids purification

For industries such as slaughter houses, food processing, fish processing and breweries it is often commercially advantageous to perform primary treatment on site. The cleaner the water discharged into the municipal waste water network the lower the treatment cost will be. And don’t forget, our products can be used to purify liquids such as oils, lubricants and cooling agents. We help you design purification solutions that suit your exact requirements.

Raw intake water

Even the best raw ground water needs purification. The drum screens from Lackeby Products ensure that the larger sand particles and impurities are removed.