Pont racleur standard

ConClar 511 is a centre driven sludge scraper.

Benefits of ConClar 511

  • Competitive investment cost
  • Reliable
  • Low operating costs
  • Torque switch that breaks the power immediately at overload

ConClar 511 centre-driven sludge scraper comprises the following components (see below):

  • Service bridge made of steel, stainless steel or concrete
  • Drive unit with overload protection and bearing for the scraper device
  • Bottom layer support bushing and bearing for units up to about 10 m in diameter
  • Pipe shaft
  • Scraper arms with tie rods for level adjustment
  • Scraper rubber (if necessary)In addition, in- and outlet systems are required. Floating sludge drainage can be delivered as an option.

Drive Unit

ConClar’s drive unit for centre-driven scrapers are available in many different sizes and are fitted with a reliable emergency shutdown for overload and bearing or slewing ring to take up the load from the weight of the scraper device.

The drive is equipped with a spring strut with limit switches to be connected in a hold-circuit to stop the motor when overloaded.

The bearing is of spherical type of units up to about 10 m in diameter with a liquid bottom layer bushing with bolt fitted stock seat.

For scrapers from about 6 meters in diameter the drive unit can be provided with a kulvändkrans and no bottom layer. At this kind of construction, the drive torque can cause overturning forces on the service bridge which shall be calculated from case to case.

The bearing plate of the drive unit is attached with an overload protection and is made by steel and bolted to the service bridge.

Scraper Mechanism

ConClar scraper mechanism is constructed of a rotating vertical pipe shaft to which two scraper arms are connected. As mentioned, the smaller units are equipped with a top spherical type of bearing and a water lubricated bus that can handle the centrifugal forces.

ConClar – Centre Driven Sludge Scraper with bridge of concrete


1. Floating Sludge Scraper
2. Drive Unit
3. Pipe Shaft
4. Scrape Arm
5. Scrape Sheet