NovaTek™ Rototating Biological Contactor


Lackeby Products NovaTekTM RBC is designed for treatment of waste water from municipal and industrial sewage works. The design is based on more than 20 years of experience from deliveries to plants worldwide. NovaTekTM Biorotor is as capable as other equipment for biological processes, but needs less space. A LCC-analysis also shows that it is a attractive solution
compared to ve systems.


The waste water is led to a vessel in which a biorotor rotates with a speed of 1-2 rpm. The slow rotation means small mechanical stress and minimized splashing and formation of aerosols. Approximately 40 % of the biorotor surface is under water. During the rotation the organic compounds are broken down by micro-organisms that grow on the active biomedia material. The structure of the biomedia material ensures extremely good flow without clogging. Required oxygen is absorbed by the micro organisms from the surrounding the air. The biological skin falls continuously due to the shearing force between the water and the biological skin. Loose biological skin is separated in a following sedimentation basin and then transfered to the sludge treatment. If the biological process is followed by chemical precipitation, no intermediate sedimentation is needed as return sludge pumping is not required.


The NovaTek™ RBC is built around a circular, seemless steel tube with both ends mounted in spherical roller bearings. The RBC rotates by an Helical-Bevel gear unit with integrated motor, which gives a compact unit with energy efficient operation. A mounting system is installed around the shaft. The purpose of the mounting system is to fix the rotor’s active component; the biological media, that is placed in the segments around the shaft. The biological media is a material with
high specific surface.

Few components:– No pump for recycling of sludge- No aeration equipment

Technical design

Process advantages

  • Circular tube with mounting system for active biomedia
  • Bearing mounted shaft ends
  • Triangular plastic sections fixed in the mounting system
  • Shaft of varnished steel
  • Mounted details of warm galvanized steel
  • Active plastic biomedia of polypropene
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Insensitive to high temporary loads
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Less splash and aerosol formations
Few components:
– No pump for recycling of sludge
– No aeration equipment


Municipal sewage platns
– New plants or existing, overloaded plants
• Industrial sewage plants
– Slaughter-houses, dairies, breweries, petroleum and pulp industries
• Can be dimensioned for far reaching nitrifications
• Degradating of Toxic Substances and COD References Lackeby Products has more than 20 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of NovaTekTM Biorotorer. There are over 80 units installed with a total of more than five million hours of operation.