Heat exchanger air/water from Lackeby Products has been developed to extend the service life of the membranes used in aeration tanks at sites such as wastewater treatment plants. The unit also recovers heat from the blower-produced air stream that can be used for the heating of ventilation air or tap water.


Compressed air flows into the heat exchanger axially via the air pipe. After being pressed against a wall at the far end of the heat exchanger, the air flows freely between a number of layers of surface-maximising copper loops in which the cooling agent circulates. The air is directed past the wall of the heat exchanger and then onwards in the air pipe.


Flanged axial inlet and outlet makes installation easier in both new andexisting plants, and the flanged casing facilitates easier inspection and maintenance. As standard, heat exchangers air/water are manufactured in stainless steel (1.4301) with copper cooling tubes.

Technical features

Process benefits

  • Unique design specifically for sludge
  • Compact unit that is easy to install
  • High heat transfer
  • Patented turning chamber
  • Simple inspection and maintenance
  • Large throughput area
  • Enhances efficiency of digestion and hygenisation
  • Eliminates problems with to multiple flanges and loose connections
  • Reduces pressure losses
  • Makes maintenance easy
  • Equalises temperature profile of sludge
  • Minimises risk of clogging