High heat transfer technology designed with minimal footprint

When high performance, low costs and simplicity are the priorities

The Lackeby Heat exchanger sludge/water is a uniquely designed unit for medias with a high viscosity. The patented turning chambers enable us to design the heat exchangers for the highest possible heat transfer as well as meeting demands for a small footprint. The design also ensures that the heating- or cooling system runs with lowest possible load in order to keep the operating cost down.

Sludge applications

  • Direct heating or cooling of raw or digested sludge on the feed line
  • Heating and/or cooling of digested sludge by digester or pasteurization
  • Energy recovery from heated sludge.

Wastewater applications

  • Wastewater cooling in for example biological tanks
  • Energy recovery from outgoing wastewater.

The Lackeby Heat exchanger sludge/water

Modular design sludge/water heat exchangers from Lackeby are robust, compact, easy to install and maintain and are highly reliable. Circular sludge channels ensure that large particles can be managed but also keeping the risk for clogging to a
minimum. The innovative design with patented turning chamber assures high energy transfer and low pressure losses. Further on, this robust and modularized product have all features for high reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Green energy with a sludge/sludge configuration

By connecting two sludge/water units with a water loop we can recover the already
added energy to pre-heat the sludge earlier in the process. The design with a water
loop eliminates the risk of contamination and provides flexibility, which allows the
possibility to control the process temperatures.