Efficient heat recovery

A lot of excess heat is created in waste water treatment plants and in biogas production. Over the years Lackeby Products have become experts in utilising this process heat to its maximum. Our robust sludge/sludge, sludge/water and air/water heat exchangers are designed to recover a majority of the excess heat, greatly increasing operation efficiency and reducing production costs.

Warm, highly viscous substances

In the digestion process of manure, green crops, wastewater sludge, household and restaurant waste large amounts of excess heat is generated. This is heat that can be used to pre-heat the digestion substrates or provide domestic hot water. Lackeby Products offers heat exchangers that can handle viscous low velocity sludges, effectively transfering heat with minimal risk of clogging.

Hot air

Our air/water heat exchangers were developed for a very specific application – to protect the membranes in waste water treatment plants. But, practically all industries generate heat as a bi-product of their production process. The Lackeby air/water heat exchanger can profitably utilise hot process air – contact us so we can advise you on profitable heat recovery.