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ConStep is a step screen designed to separate particles in wastewater and for installations in sewage treatment plants or pumping stations. The design is made of stainless steel and has a covered enclosure.

Benefits of ConStep

The screen’s large, open area gives high capacity per unit area and a low head loss
Easy transportation of the screening carpet secures good separation efficiency
Self-cleaning screen; no spray water or brush is necessary
Available for channel widths up to 1600 mm
Can be installed in smaller plants and in stainless steel tanks
Low operating costs and low maintenance
Screen is pivotable

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ConStep is intended for mounting in channels or steel tanks and has 440-1400 mm outside width. It has a completely coveres enclosure with Ø 100 mm evacuation connection and designed so that no recesses in the concrete is necessary. The screen is delivered as a complete unit for easy installation on site. The upper support is articulated so that the screen can be tilted up for inspection and maintenance. Lifting device for this upward inclination can be supplied as optional equipment.

The screen consists of fixed and variable tooth-shaped bars that are 2.5 mm thick. Each bar is individually replaceable. Every bar is mounted on a movable frame. This framework is connected via link arms and shoulders. The operation of the moving part is made by means of a driving unit. The bars picks up the screening in steps with a velocity of 1.2 m / min. All parts except the standard machine elements are made of stainless steel SS 304/316. The distance between the bars, also called slot width can vary from 2, 3 or 5 mm.
The screen has a completely covered enclosure, with opening doors for accessibility at maintenance. Each door can be fitted with an inductive sensor, which automatically stops the operation of the screen when the door is opened.

Control System

ConStep is provided with a limit switch which is placed on the screen and an electronic/ mechanical overload protection is included as standard in the delivery. ConStep can also be supplied with our standard control cabinet for start/stop of the screen by measuring the water level in front of the screen.


Most components as gear, bearings, bushings, etc. are standard manufactured and consequently have short delivery times. All painted components are coated by Lackeby Products to improve corrosion protection. To eliminate the risk of corrosion on the re-inforcement bars, chemical anchors are delivered in SS316.