Lackeby Products develops and manufactures high quality products for efficient heat recovery and mechanical particle separation. Thanks to our high level of knowledge, long experience and manufacturing in our own workshops quality and performance of our products are guaranteed. Our products can be customized to each customer’s unique requirements and construction. Efficient energy recovery and optimum wastewater treatment are important arguments from both environmental and economic perspective and our customers see us today as the preferred choice of solution provider.

Mechanical particle separation
Since 1965 Lackeby Products has designed, built and installed thousands of high quality mechanical separation products in a wide variety of industries and applications. Today, we draw on this vast experience to continue developing the most effective pieces of equipment for your needs.
Efficient heat recovery
Lackeby Products has designed, built and installed top-of-the-line heat exchangers to waste water treatment and biogas plants for more than 40 years. The compact, high-quality heat exchangers offer high heat recovery, enhanced production efficiency, long service life and easy maintenance.Read more >> 2012_illustrationcycle_high_swe